Susan MarkowitzRDN

    Susan Markowitz, RDN

    As one of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at Living Plate, I will be providing medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling. I am also responsible for facilitating group classes that guide you to sustainable health behavior change. A registered dietitian for 25 years, I have had experience with many medical conditions as well as general wellness and weight loss counseling.

    The structure of Living Plate programming is important to our practice as clinicians. Application is the most important part of education. When you practice your new skills in the presence of our team, you become more confident in making those health behavior changes that most impact your wellbeing. The most satisfying part of what I do is improving your quality of life. I promise to give attention to the good, the courageous, and the “ amazing” in you. Whenever I see them, I will highlight the skills and traits and strengths that you possess and that are available to you as you work at improving your life through our talks. I promise that I will affirm all the positive characteristics that I see in you, and I’ll encourage you to do the same.

    While we have a “food first” philosophy in our practice, appropriate supplementation can have an impact on your overall health. As the supplemental specialist at Living Plate, my goal is to review your health history and current biomarkers to determine if supplements could help you achieve your health goals. I have spent my career identifying the highest quality supplements and have brought them all to Living Plate.

    Academic degree:

    • BS Douglas College Rutgers University


    • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Critical Care Nutrition at Sinai and University of Maryland Hospitals


    • Four World Conference Awards for Nutrametrix Custom Health Solutions
    • Two World Conference Awards for TLS Weight Loss Solution
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