Elisa ScafutoRDN

    Elisa Scafuto, RDN

    I will be onsite working per diem as one of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at Living Plate with an emphasis on one-to-one nutrition counseling. I have a background in oncology and cardiovascular disease prevention and management. I also enjoy working with younger children and adolescents. I was drawn to nutrition and dietetics early in my life – I am a certified foodie! I grew up with organic vegetables from my backyard that were incorporated into healthy home-cooked meals each and every day.

    Truthfully, I could TELL you what to do – my education has prepared me for that. But if I can SHOW you what to do and HOW to do it – now that is where we will see behavior change. I love the idea of shedding light on those boundaries that may be preventing you from achieving your wellness goals. In the Living Plate programs, we can break through them together by increasing your nutrition knowledge and improving your confidence in the kitchen and grocery store aisles.

    Academic Degree:

    • BS Nutrition and Dietetics with Concentration in Health and Exercise, Biological Science Minor, University of Delaware

    Currently enrolled:

    • Master of Science Nutrition, College of St. Elizabeth


    • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


    • Inpatient Clinical Dietitian specializing in oncology, minimally invasive surgery, and cardiovascular ICU, Atlantic Health System


    • Dietetic Internship Distinction in Supervised Practice for performing at an advanced level of independence and progression
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