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Healthcare Professionals and Organizations

The evidence-based resources we create are white-labeled enabling those who share my mission to maintain their brand voice and project the highest level of professionalism.

Whether delivered in an experiential teaching kitchen, clinical setting, or as virtual experiences, the results of our culinary nutrition programs are always the same – engaged participants leave with feelings of empowerment.

Our programs are low-cost, highly engaging, and reproducible by nutrition and healthcare professionals in any organization. We also provide all materials necessary for grant applications for funding, if needed.

Web-based training is provided, as well as on-site train-the-trainer sessions when funding is available.

Content Licensing and Integration

Our nutrition education programs and meal planning content are available for licensing and integration through our software partner, Living Plate Rx. Whether you are a start-up or establish technology company, we will work with you to provide evidence-based nutrition solutions and add value to your application.


Programming in action

We’ve been piloting Coping with Cancer in the Kitchen [CCK] since 2017 with our partners, the American Institute for Cancer Research and Cancer Support Community. The research results are in. Published in the journal Nutrients’ Special Issue, Clinical Nutrition for Cancer Patients, you can read the research summary and article here.

Bring CCK To Your Community

Coping with Cancer in the Kitchen is transitioning from a series of successful pilots to a scalable program. If you are interested in knowing when the application process to bring CCK to your community will begin, follow the link below and provide your contact information. Our partner, American Institute for Cancer Research, will keep you in the loop.

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