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Change the conversation about food & nutrition. Living ​Plate ​is ​making ​a ​positive ​difference ​on ​the ​health ​of ​our communities ​by ​instilling ​confidence ​through nutrition knowledge and ​creating positive food experiences. We empower ​nutrition ​professionals ​and ​health ​organizations through our culinary nutrition programs ​to ​better ​serve communities ​across ​the ​country.

Health Organizations

Whether in small waiting rooms, hospital lobbies, or experiential teaching kitchens, the results of our culinary nutrition program are always the same – Engaged participants leave with feelings of empowerment. Our programs are low-cost, highly engaging, and reproducible by nutrition and healthcare professionals in any organization. We also provide all materials necessary for grant applications for funding, if needed. Our program kits include:

  • Overview
  • Educational Objectives
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Lesson Plan
  • Slide deck presentation with notes
  • Handouts
  • Post-module evaluations
  • Recipe recommendations for cooking demonstration (both cook and no-cook options)

Web-based training is provided, as well as on-site train-the-trainer sessions when funding is available.


We have partnered with the American Institute for Cancer Research and Cancer Support Community to conduct original research that explores the impact of culinary nutrition programming on individuals touched by cancer. Results of “Coping with Cancer in the Kitchen”, a two-site pilot, will be presented at the Society for Behavioral Medicine 2018 annual conference.


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