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Fuel your practice with content from our partner Living Plate Rx! With your business in mind, we support Living Plate Rx with content for tools and resources to help you engage your community, expand your client base, and generate revenue for your practice.

Living Plate Rx Meal Planning

Living Plate Rx is a digital meal planning program available for credentialed nutrition and healthcare professionals to use. Driven by humans {us} rather than data points or computer algorithms, our weekly plans are thoughtfully curated by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to meet the guidelines for select medical conditions. All meal plans can be custom branded for your business so your clients understand the added value of working with you. No cost to start.


As a Living Plate Rx Prime member, you receive access to special meal planning features plus the library of materials.

Living Plate Rx Prime Membership with Library Access

SCALE your nutrition business without all the stress and overwhelm of having to do it all!

We have partnered with Living Plate Rx to support you with nutrition and culinary content. In addition to having access to the transformative meal planning program, you also have access to the Nutrition and Culinary Library of evidence-based nutrition content that we maintain.

You will…

*EASILY generate nutrition education materials, including meal plans, in minutes and brand them for your practice to project the highest level of professionalism.

*CONFIDENTLY publish a blog post or newsletter with done-for-you content that you can edit {resources included} to attract your ideal client.

*CREATE a digital course with ease with all the bells and whistles needed to generate passive income.

*Never have another LATE NIGHT trying to be a content machine and expecting to grow your business.

*Create CAPTIVATING opt-ins for your website and offers to grow your list.

*STOP WASTING TIME, struggling to come up with social media content to maintain and grow your presence.

*GENERATE signature meal plans for your programs and offerings to reflect your philosophy of nutrition care.

Let’s grow your practice together, apply to learn more!

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