Finally, it’s EASY
to eat healthy, delicious food!

With meal plans from Living Plate Rx, you’ll get simple, tasty,
nutritious, affordable recipes delivered straight to your inbox.
No complicated planning. No boring routines. And no hassles.
It’s easy to choose healthy food when you choose Living Plate Rx.

In today’s fast-paced world, “eating
healthy” usually ends up on the bottom of
the to-do list.

After all, who has time to…

  • Plan what you want to eat
  • Find “good for you” recipes
  • Count calories, and
  • Make a grocery list?

Wouldn’t it be easier if a
dietitian could guide you on…

  • What to eat to stay healthy
  • What to buy to make your recipes,
  • What to do when it came time to

That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide selection
of Living Plate Rx meal plans.

Here’s how Living Plate Rx meal plans work

Easy to get started

  • When you get started with Living Plate Rx, you’ll choose already-prepared meal plans that consider your health goals. (See all our pre-made plans below.)
  • Or, you can work directly with us to build meal plans from scratch, using thousands of dietitian-approved recipes that are simple and delicious.
  • For just $9 a month for pre-populated static plans, or $19 a month for customizable plans, you’ll receive more than 30 recipes each week!

Easy to use

  • Meal plans are interactive and fully customizable. Add or remove recipes based on your preferences, then adjust the number of servings if you want leftovers. Nutrition facts for meals, day, and week will automatically adjust as you make changes.
  • You’ll choose a 5-day option or a 3-day option—leaving you lots of time to enjoy meals out, dine with guests, or skip cooking and eat leftovers.
  • A smart grocery list keeps track of everything you need to buy at the store, and valuable coupons from health-focused brands provide instant savings. (Grocery delivery is coming soon… Stay tuned!)

Living Plate Rx is dietitian-created and dietitian-supported—and optimized
to help your clients succeed.

  • I came to Living Plate to find a sustainable solution to losing my stubborn pregnancy weight. In the four months since I began working with Jeanne and her staff, I have lost 25 pounds and counting! The meal planning feature keeps me on track, makes grocery shopping a breeze, and most importantly I know that by following the recipes I am providing my family with delicious and healthy meals. At Living Plate they go above and beyond to provide a personalized experience to help you reach your goals and are truly invested in your success.

    Staci F.
  • I’m so glad I found Living Plate! I’ve tried other nutritionists and health coaches who gave me lots of head knowledge but never equipped me to succeed in making nutritional changes a lifestyle that I could sustain. Living Plate has an amazing team of registered dietitians who combine nutritional education with the hands-on practical life of cooking. That’s exactly what I needed to succeed! Living Plate equips me with nutritional education, key resources and tools, along with on-going support like their hands-on cooking classes and weekly menus to make it a lifestyle that is sustainable and really enjoyable!

    Amy D.
  • The meal plans are like having a personal dietitian at my fingertips!  I get weekly meal plans, exciting new recipes regularly, and I can even generate grocery lists for only the days I want to shop for - all of this for a fraction of the price of anywhere else!  I’ve started recommending the plans to my family and friends, telling them to try it NOW because once they do, they’ll only wish they had discovered it sooner!

    Silvia C.

Living Plate Rx meal plans are…


All recipes are based on
homemade, real
food—with no packaged
or processed ingredients.


Living Plate Rx meal plans
cost just pennies a day.


Plans contain up to 3
delicious meals per day
with optional snacks.


All plans are curate by
RDs for Diabetes,
Low-FODMAP, and more.


Adapt menus as desired
each week—or search our
massive database of
archived recipes.


When you know exactly
what to buy, grocery
shopping stops being a

Living Plate Rx meal plans are…

Unsure of the meal plan that’s best for you and your lifestyle? Ask us!

Sign up to get started with Living Plate Rx meal plans

You’ll get a new meal plan each week, full of delicious, nutritious recipes that are easy to
shop for and easy to prepare… And you’ll spend just pennies a day.
Say no to the stress of planning meals—and “yes!” to Living Plate Rx!

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