We love the renewed interest in cooking some have developed as a result of meal kit delivery services.  These convenient boxed meals arrive with every ingredient pre-portioned and most have simple, easy to follow recipes. We are often asked our opinion on using such services and thought we would share our ideas here.

When it comes to meal kits…you may be getting more than you bargained for.  More calories. More sodium. More waste.  Calories and sodium for dinners can be high and nutrition information may not be so easy to find on respective service websites.  Also, the pre-portioned ingredients in their tidy packaging may create more waste than a trip to your local grocery store.  One meal kit can generate as many as 25 separate non-recyclable containers and bags.

When it comes to health…expecting to change your health status using this type of service for two to three dinners per week is asking too much.  Optimally, you want to plan your meals so you can have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.  While some of us [wink,wink] would love to spend every night preparing a home-cooked meal, it’s just not sustainable for the busy lifestyles most of us have.  It’s also important to have convenient snack ingredients on hand so that the vending machine at work doesn’t look like a 5-star restaurant at 3 in the afternoon.

When it comes to sustainability…developing a pattern of healthy eating habits takes work.  Like every other success we have in life, we need to put in the time if we want to achieve our goals.  Convenience usually is not the answer, making a plan is.

When it comes to commitment…We have dedicated ourselves to creating meal plans that help you meet your health goals – if home cooking is intimidating or not something you engage in often, our plans are like training wheels. You may rely heavily on them at first, following the plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  You begin to see results and confidence grows.  As you leaf through magazines and cookbooks, you begin to recognize recipes that will help you stay on track and feel your best.  The meal plan then becomes your personal recipe collection that you build and reference only when needed – training wheels off.  We see this pattern every day.

Make your own meal kit…it’s easy to get started and you can try it for free. Sign up for a free trial of a meal plan of your choice on our meal plan page.  Go to the planner and edit your plan to include only those meals you want to make.  Toggle serving size of recipes to accommodate number of people you will be serving.  Generate a grocery list and shop at your local grocery store or farmers market for your ingredients using reusable grocery bags. Save money. Eat Healthier. It’s a win-win.