Brighten up your plate with this vibrant salad that knocked the socks off participants in our recent “Getting off the Roller Coaster” class.  The dishes created focused on the importance on balancing blood sugar and reducing inflammation.

Living Plate’s Confetti Vegetable salad is not only delicious, but is loaded with health-promoting goodness.  The dressing utilizes miso paste, a wonderfully versatile functional food [provides health benefits beyond its nutritional value.] Miso paste can be made from fermented soybeans, rice or chickpeas. If you are soy-concerned, read the labels carefully.  This traditionally gluten-free paste adds a unique flavor to dishes, as it is a balance of sweet, bitter and sour.  The cooking applications of miso are vast – often used in vinaigrettes and dressings, hummus and dips, marinades and as a base for soups.  We love its versatility!

Three reasons to include miso paste in your recipes:

BOOST:  The fermentation process involved in producing any kind miso paste provides an amazing probiotic boost to your gut.  Probiotics are super bugs [bacteria] that live in your gut and not only promote healthy digestion but also support your body’s immune function.

DEFEND:  Miso paste is a powerhouse source of antioxidants, which help combat disease-promoting free radicals that are generated from our daily exposure to stressors and toxins in our environment.

INNOVATE:  In our experience, adding miso paste to recipes often allows you to reduce the amount of fat added as it has an emulsifying effect.  Get your culinary swag on and experiment by including it in some of your favorite creations.