Here are six simple ways to keep your nutrition on track over the holidays:

Keep healthy snacks handy: Stock your office, car, purse, and kitchen with nutrient-dense snacks so you don’t get hungry. See our post, Snack Attack, for ideas.

Plan for indulgences: You should be able to enjoy Grandma’s pumpkin pie without guilt – demonizing foods only makes them more tempting. When you plan to consume high-calorie foods, you can make adjustments BEFORE you eat them such as limiting calories in the earlier part of the day. Post-consumption adjustments are rarely effective — “I will exercise more tomorrow” is a classic promise that often lets us down.

Choose calories wisely: Are those packaged cookies going to be as good as Pop Pop’s macaroons? Not a chance! Don’t waste your calories. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy those foods that you deem “worth it.”

Adjust proportions: Fill your plate with more nutrient-dense foods like vegetables and fresh fruits. There is always a crudité platter at every party – make the vegetables the largest part of your plate and allow yourself to enjoy other foods in moderation.

Eat before you go – anywhere! This is a tried and true strategy. If you go to the mall starving, you’ll have to hunt for a nutrient-dense snack.

Offer to bring something: If you are invited to a party, ask the host if you can bring a soup or hearty salad. It will be fun to share something new, fresh, and delicious.