Make-ahead family breakfasts to freeze!

Looking to be a rockstar with your family this week? 💫  Make these and you’ll always have a freezer full of quick, delicious, and nutritious breakfasts to get you the culinary praise you deserve.


Join me as I make three make-ahead family breakfasts [or any meal, breakfast for dinner is SO fun!] They will save you time and money and will give you confidence knowing you are serving nutritious meals to the crew – without sweating in the kitchen. These recipes scale REALLY well, so make more, eat some now, and freeze a batch for later.


On the menu:
👉 Homemade Breakfast Sausage Patties
👉 Sheet Pan Vegetable Frittata
👉 Breakfast Taquitos [air fryer and baked versions]


See you in the {virtual} kitchen!