LP Kitchen Sync Challenge: A 4-week REBOOT of your kitchen environment

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When patients and visitors come into our teaching kitchen at Living Plate the reactions are always the same – “It’s so clean”, “What a clear, open space”, “I wish this could be my kitchen!”  Our facility is nothing fancy – a pretty typical home-style kitchen from Lowes.  The difference is that it is maintained with the intent to teach and be conducive to efficient preparation of food [thank you Sonia and Susan, our Culinary Facilitators!]

Here’s how the LP Kitchen Sync Challenge works:
  • Sign-up!  Send me an e-mail to be included in the challenge – you will receive materials throughout the process to help with the syncing
  • Conduct your kitchen syncing at your own pace [although once you get started you will not want to stop!]
  • Each week in the month of March, I will guide you through a deliberate process of organizing your kitchen space
  • We will focus on organizing according to what is essential, useful, and unique
  • We will cover the following kitchen tool categories:
    • Knives
    • Quantifying tools [things that measure]
    • Tools that separate, mix, spread, open, and move food
    • Pots and pans
  • We will cover creating health promoting pantry “zones”:
    • Wet items
    • Flavor boosters
    • Healthy oils
    • Beans and grains
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Specialty items
    • Herbs and spices
Cooking healthy should be fun, not complicated.  Preparing your kitchen environment is the first step to ensuring that healthy eating habits can be sustainable. Send me an e-mail and let’s get started!   jpetrucci@livingplate.com
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