Join me as I demonstrate how to make red cabbage recipes! So many reasons to love red cabbage – here are two more.  Red cabbage gets overlooked as a versatile vegetable, often being added as an afterthought to salads. Why not make it the main event? There are plenty of reasons why you should:

💩 fiber
💪 powerful phytochemicals
🛒 availability
👏 ease of preparation

As a cruciferous vegetable, cabbage has a bitter flavor 😋 that is tempered with cooking and a hint of sweetness. Shredding finely can also help cut the bitter edge. In this video, I prepare two of my favorite, simple, and delicious recipes for red cabbage.

On the menu:

👉 Sweet Potato and Red Cabbage Breakfast Skillet [hash recipe]
👉 Swedish Red Cabbage