Healthy smoothies to freeze! Skip expensive smoothie delivery services and make your own – you’ll not only save money but you will be able to create custom blends the whole family can get excited about.

Join me as I prepare 30 days of smoothies to keep in your freezer for quick breakfasts and snacks all month long. In less than 60 minutes, we will prepare 30 single servings of five nutrient-dense ready-to-make smoothies. All you’ll need to do is add is your liquid of choice and blend!

Smoothies on the menu:

🥤 Avo-Chocolate Mousse
🥤 Zucchini Bread
🥤 Tropical Greens
🥤 Chocolate Covered Cherry
🥤 PBJ with Greens [no one will ever know 😉]


See you in the {virtual} kitchen!