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As we enter the holiday season and there is a chilly nip in the air, find comfort in having a warm beverage in hand. Instead of reaching for dehydrating coffee or sugary apple cider, make yourself a batch of this warm, soothing, health promoting Detox Tea. Brewed with the following ingredients, this tea is super simple to prepare.

Water: This base ingredient provides HYDRATION. Enough said.

Cinnamon:  Cinnamon gives that sweet, festive aroma and warms us from the inside out. Cinnamon is a rock star herb helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, strengthening our bones, and stimulating sluggish digestion.

Cardamom seeds: Not only do we love the sweetness this herb adds to the tea, but it also acts as a digestive and respiratory aid.  Cardamom may mean less gas and less mucus.

Cloves:  Cloves are a pungent spice whose properties help to warm us in the cold winter months. Another powerhouse herb, cloves may benefit our nervous and respiratory systems. They act as an anti-inflammatory relieving muscle aches and pains and they may also lower our blood sugar levels.

Ginger:  Ginger adds a warm, spicy flavor. It is a soothing remedy for all of winter’s ailments helping to alleviate the annoying symptoms associated with coughs, colds and flu. Ginger is also known as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Black Peppercorns: Peppercorns add another heating boost to the tea and may support the respiratory system.

Yerba Maté Tea: The benefits of Yerbe Mate have been well documented.  It contains compounds such as tannins, polyphenols, and saponins which may offer a variety of health benefits such as enhanced mental clarity and antioxidant power.

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