If you ask the average American how much weight they will gain over the holiday season, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, the response is usually 5-10 pounds.   According to studies from the New England Journal of Medicine, that estimate is about right. Additionally, while some people are able to shed those added holiday pounds initially, they tend to creep back. Yikes!
A lot of our conversations with clients this time of year revolve around maintaining a healthy weight while navigating the holiday landscape – family celebrations, eating out, vacations, etc. The key to successfully avoiding weight gain is to plan ahead for what you know is coming.  Take action in these three weeks before Thanksgiving and join our supportive, on-line 21-Day Pre-holiday Cleanse beginning November 7th.  Plan to feel your best even before the holidays begin! During the cleanse you can expect to:
  • consume plenty of low-glycemic index fruits and vegetables
  • cook simple recipes from our meal plans all targeted at promoting healthy weight
  • receive weekly e-mail support from our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists
  • have oodles of energy and glowing skin
  • lose weight without dieting

This is not a diet – it is an evidence-based approach to maintaining healthy weight your entire life.  Getting started now can jump start your commitment to a healthier you in 2017.

The 21-Day Pre-holiday cleanse is $479 and includes:

  • Three weeks of interactive, digital meal plans with simple recipes and grocery lists
  • Two, 30-minute telephone counseling sessions with your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Weekly e-mail support with your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Access to private on-line community forum where you can share your success, recipes, photos, etc.
  • 21-Day Challenge kit with supplements to support weight loss

Registration is now open – reach out to us to get started.