Hi, I’m Jeanne Petrucci!

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Culinary Coach here to support you in meeting your health goals with food {you know, the whole Food-as-Medicine thing} without sweating in the kitchen.

My Mission

My mission is to support individuals in meeting their health goals with food – sounds simple, right? But here’s the problem…lack of cooking skills can get in the way of success. That’s why I am laser-focused on developing innovative solutions that incorporate cooking instruction and food experience into nutrition care.

And, I don’t keep these resources to myself. In sharing these tested solutions with other healthcare professionals and organizations nationwide, I am able to scale my mission and impact communities beyond my own.


Trying to get healthy meals on the table without all the stress and overwhelm? I get it – which is why I created the Mealtime Method, a proven system to get nourishing meals to the table fast without breaking a sweat in the kitchen.

STOP wasting time and money on “diets” that don’t work – there’s another way to meet your health goals that doesn’t involve restriction.

Virtual Cooking Demos

Let’s sift through the crowded universe of nutrition information and explore making delicious food together in the kitchen! Join me each week as I apply the knowledge of nutrition to the creation of simple, delicious food.


Are you a nutrition professional, healthcare provider, or technology company looking for support with evidence-based nutrition content and digital meal plans? We create innovative culinary nutrition programs and tools for our partner, Living Plate Rx.

Our Blog

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